So your ready for a website but don’t know where to start. The first step is to get a domain name and setup your online space. We get the ball rolling.

Domain Research
It is important to choose the perfect balance between your business name and website name. Google will rank your website better if you have your target keywords in the domain name (also know as URL). We will research your industry and provide you with a list of available domains that will improve website traffic and visibility.

Domain Negotiation
Lets say the domain name you would like for your website is already taken, for sale by owner at a premium price, or listed on a auction. We will contact the domain name owner and negotiate a sale price on your behalf and at your budget.

Domain Purchase
Once you agree on the perfect domain name we will setup an account with your favorite domain registrar. Purchase the domain on your behalf and provide you with the credentials to login and manage your domain name whenever you need.

Domain Transfer
If your website domain is located with a previous website development company or a registrar you no longer want to be with we can help with that. We will obtain your domain and put it in your name. Then transfer the domain to your preferred domain registrar.

Domain Pointing
Once we get your domain name we will point it to your hosting provider. This is where you store all your website files to make your website visible to internet users through internet browsers on there computers, tablets, or phones.

Hosting Setup
Whether you would like to host your website with us or some place else we will setup your hosting environment to best match your website needs. Things to consider would be the size of your website, estimated website traffic, location of the server, and other factors.

File Transfer
We will back up and transfer your website to your desired hosting environment. This includes all your website pages, images, code and data base files.

SSL Setup
It is now recommended by search engines like Google that all website use an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate. This is to secure your website and provide your users with piece of mind that the data they enter into your website will not be hacked or stolen. SSL Certificates are build on an annual basis by the hosting company you chose.

Database Setup
Not all website require a database but if your using a CMS or selling online you will need one. This is where you store form information such as orders, customer information, page structure and many other forms of data. We will set up your data base on the server of your choice.

Email Setup
We will setup up to 5 email accounts on your server with your domain as the extension (Example: We will also setup email forwards and auto reply emails.

FTP Setup
If you want full access to your website code files for edits or backups we will set up an FTP account for you to access your website from anywhere.

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