Site Speed Optimization



We live in a fast-paced world. People want things as quickly as possible — and they’re unhappy when something takes too long. Website speed optimization takes away one barrier between you and your audience.

Think about the last time you encountered a slow-loading website. You might have closed out the browser tab entirely or felt less inclined to patronize the site once it finally loaded.

Google understands that consumers want fast access to information, products, and services. Consequently, it rewards websites that load quickly.

We will optimize your website for the fastest possible speed.

Site Speed Optimization is billed at a rate of $98.95 per page.

Site Speed Optimization Includes

Image Optimization
We will resize and reduce the file size of your images for fastest load time without compromising the image quality.

Leverage Browser Caching
Configure browser caching so that your website loads even faster to users after the first visit.

Minify JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
Minify the JavaScript, CSS and HTML code of your pages to minimize the file size.

GZip Compression
On the server side we will enable GZip compression to improve the loading of files from your server to the browser.

Server Requests
Combine your JavaScript and CSS files into one to minimize the number of times the browser calls the server.

And More.

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